Online Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is my online giving secure?

Answer: Yes! We partner with a company called Elexio for our church website, information systems, and mobile app. Elexio serves thousands of churches and has a robust financial processing system. Every transaction is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same industry-standard encryption trusted for online commerce with world-class financial organizations. Note that all account information is securely stored with Elexio, and Hope River Church of God does not store bank account or credit card numbers.

Question: Can I give with a credit or debit card?

Answer: We strongly encourage you to give via a bank account or debit card. The Bible is clear about the dangers of debt, and we do not want to encourage giving to the church through debt. Giving directly via your bank account is also less costly to the church since there is a surcharge on each transaction with credit/debit cards.

Question: How can I give online?

Answer: There are three methods to give online:

1. Regular Giving by Signing-In via the "Giving" Page

  • Click on the "Giving" link on the left side of the website
  • Log in with your email address and password. You can also set up a new account if needed.
  • Complete the giving form with the requested information. You can also manage your existing giving after signing-in.
  • Click "Donate" when you've entered the required information.
  • Giving after signing-in with the "Giving" page will be reflected on your giving statements.

2. Giving as a Guest Through the Website

  • Click on the "Giving" menu option at the top of the website
  • Enter the required information and click the "Donate" button
  • Important: Giving as a Guest through the website will not be reflected on a giving statement.

3. Giving Through the "MinstryOne" Mobile App

  • While logged-in to the "My Church" mobile app, you can review your past giving and enter one-time donations to the church.
  • Press the "Giving" link, and then "Donate Now"
  • Enter the Amount, Fund, and a comment (optional). Press "Next".
  • Select a payment method, or add a new one
  • Press "Give" after confirming your donation
  • Important: Note that you must be logged-in to the "My Church" mobile app for your donation to be recorded on your giving statement! You can tell if you are logged-in to the mobile app by checking if you can see the church directory. If you cannot see the church directory, you are not logged-in! =)

Question: When will my donation be recorded on my giving statement?

Answer: Your donation will be recorded on your giving statement as either the day you give, or the day that you've scheduled the system to withdraw from your account in the case of future or recurring donations.

Question: When will the funds be withdrawn from my bank account?

Answer: Your donation will be withdrawn from your bank account two business days after the donation is made.

Question: What do I do if I've made a mistake?

Answer: Please contact the church office as soon as possible so your situation can be handled appropriately.

For any further questions, please contact the church office or email .